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WEEK 2 - 


This week Maj Burgess will focus on the way we use old mind patterns to shape our reactions and behaviours, and how each person has a different perception of any event, based on their genetics and culture.

Setting Patterns


Audio - Guided Body Scan 

1.   Practice the guided body scan for 6 out of seven days.

Persevere with the practice and don’t strive; your experience is just that.

2.   Fill out the daily ‘Pleasant experience’ calendar.

3.   Practice ‘Mindful Breathing’ in everyday activities

4.   Choose a different activity in your daily life (brushing teeth, taking a shower, washing up, hoovering etc.) and really experience the activity.

Complete the practice record form after each practice, making a note of anything that you notice.

Three-step meditation guide can be found here.

Mindful Breathing

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