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WEEK 5 - 

Facing Aversion

This week Pat will focus on how we chose the course of least resistance and this can be detrimental to us. By acceptance of the present moment and non-judgement, we become stronger.

Avoidance of the Unpleasant


Audio - Facing Aversion/Seated Meditation

1. Practice audio recordings 'Facing Aversion' and Seated Meditation' with or without audio for 3 days each - Don't expect to be or achieve anything.

2. Mindful walking - Whether walking the dog, walking to the shops, to work or simply from the lounge to the kitchen. Practice awareness of every step, where you are walking and the experience of walking.

3. Practice 'Mindful Breathing' in everyday activities.

Complete the Practice Record Form after each practice, making a note of anything that you notice.

Facing Aversion

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