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WEEK 8 - Reflection

This week Pat will recap of techniques already taught and a chance to reflect on what has been learnt. Additional resources will be discussed from the weeks above.



  1. 5 mindful breaths – before you get out of bed.

  2. Continue to make activities mindful – brushing teeth, shower, washing up...  

  3. Use ‘triggers’ to remind to practice each day – phone ringing, bird singing, laughter….

  4. Pay attention when you eat and drink – from the earth to the plate.

  5. Mindful walking – deepen your practice.

  6. Standing in a queue or in traffic – use the time wisely and focus on your breath.

  7. Use sound as a way of noticing how much ‘labelling or judging’ you are doing.

  8. Pay attention to your body – tension normally means an automatic thought has slipped in unnoticed.

  9. Use the ‘breathing space’ meditation in times of stress and times of calm – keep practising until it becomes natural.

  10. When all else fails return to the breath and body. They will be there as an anchor for the rest of your life!

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